I Know, I Know

The hard part of this past startup year — the hardest part, rather — is just about over. Yes, I’ve been stressed. Yes, I’m one of those people that cannot write when enraged. To celebrate, I’m calling myself out:

Coming soon:

The Angriest Cat On The Face Of The Earth
Al Finally Gets To Steve‘s Request
The Freudian Slip Of All Time
Movie Reviews
What Pissed Me Off At Graceland


Christmas Lists: A Rundown

To tide you over, here’s this week’s TMQ greatness:

“…the New York Times food section recently ran the below recipe for a horseradish pomegranate margarita:

1/3 cup fresh horseradish, peeled and chopped
1 cup silver (blanco) tequila
½ ounce Cointreau
¾ ounce fresh lime juice
½ ounce pomegranate juice
¼ ounce simple syrup.

1. In a bowl mix horseradish with tequila and let mixture sit for 24 hours. Strain through cheesecloth.

2. Pour 1½ ounces horseradish-infused tequila and all other ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Fill shaker with ice and shake it vigorously for 6 seconds. Add ice cubes to an old-fashioned glass and pour drink over them.

The Times left out the final step — ‘Pour mixture down drain.’ “

Psys Wizards: The Following Is Not A Complaint.

I don’t know what’s broken with the e-mail, but, for the moment, should any of you need anything, you can get me at creativereactor at gmail dot com.

More to come.

Life Is Bare, Gloom And Misery Everywhere

I was at the gym today, and the TV I keep changing away from all-news stations was back on all-news stations, and they flashed a graphic:

“Next On CNN: The 2007 Hurricane Forecast”.

I didn’t watch it. One, I didn’t want to be depressed if it was reassuringly peaceful, as I need home prices to keep dropping. And two, I would have been annoyed all day if they didn’t open and close the report saying, “Before you act on this forecast, please remember that we could not have been more wrong about the 2006 hurricane season if we had predicted that the entire state of Florida would snap off and sink into the sea.”

Life With Luna

Luna: So the doctor said to call him in a few days, and they’d have the result. They sounded worried. Serious. This could be a real problem for (my client). It’s unusual for this to come on at that age, and so fast. So now I have to move really fast on this, before the results come in. Would you please print out forms 200340, 203467, 234956-A, pull the client file, and maybe look this condition up on Google? I’m going to go call my registered principal and ask him some questions. When you’re done, if I’m still on the phone, I need some idea of the guy’s prognosis, and Oh! On the way back from my meeting, in the parking lot, I played chicken with a chicken!

Me: And?

Luna: And…

Me: A prognosis, and…?


Me: You’re thinking about the chicken, aren’t you?

Luna: <dreamily> …no…

Me: I’ll bet you a thousand dollars you can’t remember what you were talking about before you thought of the chicken.