Had Some Potion Already

While I was less than thrilled with some aspects of “Deathly Hallows”, overall the experience was pretty good. Specific thoughts:

I wasn’t crazy about the scene where the soldiers of Dumbledore’s Army were all sitting around smoking Cohibas and talking about the meaning of life, and I really didn’t like where I thought they were going with the scene where Ginny was having trouble parking her broom while all the other Weasleys waited inside. (I was wrong, thank God.)

I loved the bit where Professor McGonagall sang “One More For The Road”, and I thought Luna throwing Draco off the roof was great. (I’ve been walking around all day dreamily saying, “He’s in the car” and laughing.)

Hagrid garrotting Neville Longbottom from the backseat I never saw coming — I really thought they were going to let him off — and I was blown away by the graphic revelation of Tonks’s true gender. (How they will handle that reveal in the movie and still get a PG, I have no idea. Same for the last shot of Voldemort, looking in the mirror at his famous wand.)

Hermione telling Harry she’ll always love him, then slapping him and coldly saying, “But I’m not your fucking whore” gave me goosebumps. Ron & Harry subsequently sailing off the cliff in that weird-ass enchanted car, I thought was awfully melodramatic, and I didn’t get the thing with the dim-looking house elf and the Hogwarts snowglobe. But Snape’s waking up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette right after Reginald VelJohnson shoots Lucius Malfoy…that was fucking tops.

Five stars.



Divided free nation, 231, rebounding from a difficult relationship, seeks MWM, 50-65, for four-year relationship. (Maybe more!)

Us: Wealthy nation with an apology complex and jealousy issues. Big class warfare fans. Full disclosure: Complicated relationships with exes. Likes: Guilt, hierarchy, orderly systems of belief, SVU. Dislikes: Personal capital outlays, math, Indian food.

You: Party animal. Reassuring manner and Ivy Leaguer feigning bein’ country a must, as is height and good hair. Kids OK, if you’re willing to ruin their childhoods for personal gain and/or tolerate them embarassing you as adults. You like: Stress, blame, no privacy, meeting foreigners. You dislike: Consistency, rap music. No fatties. Pic and bio gets ours.

* * * * *

(Inspired, though I couldn’t say exactly how, by Pete’s post on the nature of the term “clueless simpleton”.)

E-Mail Machine

My older younger brother’s laptop has abruptly retired, and he needs a new computer, and he has run into the problem I did when buying a cellphone: All available computers, and most wristwatches, are now far, far more advanced than he needs or wants his computer to be. He has a nice monitor, but no keyboard, and otherwise needs something capable of being used for e-mail, internet access, Word, and photo storage. Anyone know of an organization that provides refurbished desktop towers to the homeless or something? Are there special eBay keywords (“e-tard”, say) that will lead to this Yugo of computers? Or is he, like me with my Samsung SGH-C417, which cost $100 and takes two tries per call to connect to inbound communications, going to be stuck with something advanced beyond user capability?

(Tomorrow: SWN, 231, Seeks…)

Modern Manners

I have been chided by people I know for being excessively demanding in my after-stay ratings for Priceline and Hotwire. So, discussion question time. Evaluate the validity of the following statement:

In hotels, wireless internet access should no longer rate an additional charge any more than do local phone calls or basic network television.

All my future Priceline and Hotwire post-trip reviews will abide by the decision reached in the Comments section.

Words, Yo

The Park Ridge public library, being affiliated with the North Suburban Library system, will not accept a card from the River Forest public library, because it is affiliated with the South Suburban Library system. Niles is South, as is Des Plaines, while Skokie is North. I listened politely to the officious ninety-year-old drone on and on about Rules and Policies and Security and so forth, but inside my head she was standing on the Periodicals desk displaying the nine in her wizaistband and asking me belligerently if I really wanted to bring that Souf Liberry System shit inna the Norf Liberry System, ’cause if I did, she was gonna hafta put it up for the PR and I wasn’t gonna be goin’ home to the Souf System with either my life or my copy of Something Happened, so I best just forget that shit right now and jus’ walk away. Walk away. Souf Liberry Represent.