White Devil

One more day. Two things:

First: I have realized that the story below appeared here on April 1. The article is a couple of months old. Not a joke.

Second: The principessa just turned three. We bought her a toy car. Trouble is, she can’t read, and the instructions are cooler than the car.

I would, literally, have had an easier time putting the thing together if the instructions had been in regular untranslated Mandarin.

5 thoughts on “White Devil

  1. Oh My God,

    You could not have possibly made that up. Those directions are absolutely hilarious.

    PS- I am so loaded right now it took me seven times to type that with out errors. And I am not sure that there are not errors. I really want to see the directions in Mandarin by the waay

  2. Maybe you need the mystic powers to figure out what “congregated by environment protection” is supposed to mean.

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