There Will Be Tedium

I have spoken before about my affection for Dan Le Batard’s bizarre sports talk radio show, but he has wounded me this time. They have been playing, for the last few months, an audio clip, from a movie I didn’t see, that goes like this:

“I…drink…your…MILKSHAKE! I DRINK IT UP!”

(If you don’t know it either, the tone is roughly “I killed your brother! I made sure it hurt!”)

I don’t know what it means or why. They don’t use it to the same fabulous comedic effect they used the “Lee-ROOOOOOOOOOOOOY JENKINS!” audio clip a couple of years ago, they just throw it in here and there, to be weird.

I love non sequitur comedy. I love pointless behavior. But: Someone who lives in my house has picked up the phrase.

“I…pat…the…KITTY! I PAT HIM UP!” (giggles)

“I…ate…some…CHICKEN! I ATE IT UP.” (giggles)

“I…took…a…SHOWER! I CLEANED ALL UP!” (giggles)

“I…charged…my…iPOD! I CHARGED IT UP!” (giggles)

“I…packed…my…SUITCASE! I PACKED IT UP!” (giggles)

So, needless to say, I am now looking 30% less forward to going to Las Vegas.

6 thoughts on “There Will Be Tedium

  1. In hindsight, that sounded bitchy. Not my intent. It’s just that if I’m going to be hearing about this all weekend too, I’d like to know what’s funny. Really. Whatevs. Back to my packing list…

  2. I know you’re expecting me to say this, but that’s a really great movie. And I mean, GREAT.

    I’ll warn you, though: The “milkshake” bit is funny, but in kind of a disturbing way, in context. And it will be three hours before you get to hear it.

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